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RVnF 01-03-06 03:42 AM

6200TC Dual Monitor Support?
I just purchased the 6200TC and was wondering if the Linux driver supports multi-head or dual monitors? I wanted to ask before purchasing a second monitor. I searched around but couldn't find the answer in the READMEs that come with the Linux drivers. Thanks for your time. :D

netllama 01-03-06 04:46 PM

Re: 6200TC Dual Monitor Support?
Yes, the Linux driver supports Xinerama and/or TwinView, as well as two distinct X screens. This is covered in the README, so I'm somewhat puzzled why you couldn't find it.


RVnF 01-04-06 02:42 AM

Re: 6200TC Dual Monitor Support?
Oops. My bad... :( I was looking at the release notes, not the README. Out of curiosity, is there an Nvidia tool that can get me all the available configurations that my graphics card can support? I asked my vendor and he says that it should work but doesn't really understand TwinView. Also, the box says it supports TV & DVI output but again no mention of TwinView (or the manual for that case). I'm using XFX's GeForce 6200TC. The nvidia-settings tool also doesn't provide me with the capabilities (whether it supports TwinView or not). I'm using the 1.0-7676 driver. Thank you for your time...

netllama 01-04-06 10:36 AM

Re: 6200TC Dual Monitor Support?
1.0-8178 includes an nvidia-xconfig tool which can help in generating an X configuration, however there isn't currently one all encompassing tool that will show you every possible configuration that your hardware supports.


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