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Patator 01-03-06 02:42 PM

Getting an old RIVA TNT running on Mdk 10.2 (LE2006)
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Hello, I am desperately trying to make my old computer working with mandriva 10.2
So far, native X driver will not work
I have tried compiling NV driver 6629 with either patch 02.28.2006 and 1206883 or 02.28.2005+warpxmod and it finally compile but I had error loading modules ddc, etc. So I followed instruction with ld -shared -o ... as mentionned in a post earlier (sorry, few cut and paste, I am using lynx right now and no gpm :(

The best I got was to have the splash screen but it did not erase to let X, the mouse leave a trace behind (no refresh, it draws but it does not refresh...)

Of course, this is based on another kernel I compiled (but i am kind of rusty at that too, did I forget a parameter??)

any help welcome, this is m X log as far as I can get with the ld command to update nvidia_drv.o

fhj52 01-03-06 11:55 PM

Re: Getting an old RIVA TNT running on Mdk 10.2 (LE2006)
According to log, X loaded. You have a 1280x1024 screen with (90,96) DPI fonts, ...
X cannot load any better than it did.

For using nVidia drivers, when splash screen shows, the nVidia drivers are loaded. What happens after that depends on you and Man*

I would look elsewhere for solution to problem.

One thing you can try is to kill X with CTRL-ALT-BKSP and when it drops you to terminal, start X using something like startxfce or startkde, etc... (details omitted) . That will bypass that *(^#*^ stupid login screen Man* has created to control how one does a login. IOW, it could be the Man* default login screen that is hanging. I have not used 2006 yet( got it on disk but ... ). They are probably using the KDE-clone they made for login as the default login screen. MANY have had trouble with it in the past...
Oh, you will need to be root do most any of that so be very careful!

If it helps, I ran TnT2 card on XFree and also with nVidia drivers for a long time(years) with Mandrakelinux from versions 7.x - 9.x. I have not used it in a long time but last time, with Man*9.1, it worked just fine. I think I used the native X drivers... (not nvidia). That system is under desk ...somewhere ... not on but I am sure if I turned it on, I would have same result as always. :)

Good Luck!

Patator 01-04-06 12:25 AM

Re: Getting an old RIVA TNT running on Mdk 10.2 (LE2006)
Well, thanks for the input. However, problem is not with kde or any other window manager, I have the same issue by simply typing X

And it did work fine until 9.2. on 10.1, I had to switch to reglar drivers from Mandriva as I did not find anyother way at that time. Becasue of stability issues, I tried 10.2 and the native driver does not work and this, is not so far very conclusive unfortunately.

But you are right, exept forall the DDC @ 0MHZ (surprising, no?) everything seems to be loading properly. May be the problem lies in the twik I had to make by following this: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=58097

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