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rbonafied 01-03-06 07:59 PM

(newbie) mythtv + 8178 = flickr, blocky, etc
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Standard newbie disclaimer...hopefully I'll be able to understand your suggestions...

Little background:
Geforce 4 MX 4000
Emachines AMD Sempron 3100+

I recently upgraded the driver from 8174 to 8178 and I swear I have noticed a change to the TVout quality. First, there seems to be more flicker on the screen. Second, I'm seeing more motion artifacting while watching a video. This is not something I noticed when watching the same video on the 8174 version of the driver.

So my questions are:
o Is there something that I should turn off or on to improve the flicker? Keep in mind I've been fooling with the nvidia-settings and haven't seen much improvement.

o Second, what could this driver be doing to affect the video artifacting? How do I overcome this?

I'm going to include the nvidia-bug-report.log . I've tried searching this incredible forum, but I'm afraid my inexperience is blocking me from understanding which parameters could play a role.

Thank you!

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