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seeker 01-03-06 10:28 PM

For Sale/Trade Forum
I'm having a bit of a problem understanding the SOP for this forum. Despite the fact that some posters do appear to be dealers (though there is a separate forum for them), this forum appears to be primarily for individuals buy, sale or trade products. I do understand the need for a system that is slightly more secure than just a simple open forum, without references. But, for those of us that do not feel comfortable with websites, such as Ebay, or for whatever reason resist joining their system, how is it possible to list anything for sale? This is more a question of curiousity, because I have nothing that I want to sell at this time, but how would I do this in the future, if wanted?

jAkUp 01-03-06 10:35 PM

Re: For Sale/Trade Forum
If you wish to sell you may also list a heatware id.

seeker 01-03-06 10:57 PM

Re: For Sale/Trade Forum

Originally Posted by jAkUp
If you wish to sell you may also list a heatware id.

I just went to heatware.com and signed in and received an email with an activation code. When I clicked on the link given, it took me to a page, much like a forum, with fields for the username, password and activation code. After filling these in and submitting, it returned an error that the activation code was invalid, though it is the one that I was sent. I then just logged in normally, and it recognized my username and password. Now, I confused as to whether the activation code worked or not. Is this code the same as the heatware ID, or is that something else?

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