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bannerboy 01-03-06 11:01 PM

horizontal display streaks.
I recently got my hands on a computer, and it came with a graphics card based of the nVidia Vanta chip, and I have this little problem of horizontal streaks. the lightness/darkness of one pixel on the screen will affect the lightness/darkness of the other pixels on the same row. (picture below), and I'm wondering if there's any hope, and if so, what do I do?


jcrews98 01-04-06 06:12 PM

Re: horizontal display streaks.
For a "regular" CRT monitor, it looks like a bad drain line. Try another VGA cable if there are not any bent pins, or another monitor if the cable is fixed to the back of the monitor. You may also want to try just slowly moving the cable around while avoiding straining it any further. If you're handy (and don't have a choice), you can try re-terminating the VGA cable.

I hope that helps you.

bannerboy 01-04-06 09:30 PM

Re: horizontal display streaks.
it does the same thing on my sony 20.1 in. flat pannel, as it does on my 5$ CRT, with different cables, so I'll check the port on the card.

Infinity666 01-05-06 08:33 PM

Re: horizontal display streaks.
try running the monitors at the same refresh rates and resoloutions and see if this corrects it

nv_user 01-21-06 01:50 PM

Re: horizontal display streaks.
I am seeing the same issue on a vanta based display card. different cables/monitors/ refresh rates/ resolutions dont seem to help. Seems like the card is broken, any other ideas?

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