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debian_penguin 01-04-06 04:20 AM

nvsound on nforce3 audio
Hi all,

I have some problems with nvsound and nvmixer with any version of the nforce drivers (tried up to the newest 1.0-0310): I have an nforce3 chipset audio card (on a laptop) and with nvmixer I have no access to the PCM (or wave, or whatever) volume control, nor to the headphones output volume control. It is a problem because the driver doesn't recognize when the headphones are plugged, and I cannot thus separately mute the external speaker and enable the heaphones alone. With older versions of ALSA (snd-intel8x0 kernel module) the jack plug was not sensed as well, but I had separate control over each input-output channel: I could mute speakers and/or headphones (note: their name were correctly recognized, so that speakers was "master" and headphones was "headphones", not some strange "line#" or the like) and set separate output level for each one. With newer alsa drivers (from the ones in stock kernel 2.6.12, if I'm not wrong), I also get in alsamixer the swich for "hp jack sense" which works perfectly, muting the speakers when hp are plugged in. But with nvmixer I can only change the master volume (wich works on the hp output level as well), but it doesn't mute the speaker in any way. I can post some screenshots of the mixers if you think they're useful.

I'll also post a bug-report as soon as I have some time to reboot the machine.

Thank you, as always,


debian_penguin 01-04-06 04:40 AM

Re: nvsound on nforce3 audio
2 Attachment(s)
Here are the bug-report and the screenshots.

In "bug_report_screenshots" you'll find the nforce_bug_report.log file, with some screenshots taken from the nvmixer application and from kmix's input and output tabs.

In "kmix_alsa_screenshot" you'll find the three screenshots taken from kmix with the alsa driver (kernel.org's stock 2.6.15-rc5 kernel) of the input/output/switches tabs.

Thank you,


debian_penguin 01-28-06 02:57 AM

Re: nvsound on nforce3 audio
I don't want to appear boring, but this thread (and another related) did not receive any reply by any moderator. Did anyone read this?

An answer like "we cannot currently look at this" would be appreciated as well, just to know that you are aware of the existence of this problem.

Thank you, sorry for the insistence,


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