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imvpro 01-04-06 04:56 PM

VGA to DVI on 6800
Hey, I just put in my new XFX 6800 128 agp with dual DVI plugs. The problem is I have a monitor with a VGA plug (blue colored plug). So I put an adapter on so my monitor could plug into the graphics card, but everytime I turn on my computer the monitor stays black and the light flickers. I checked the card and all the chords are in it and the fan spins. Any ideas?


saturnotaku 01-04-06 05:00 PM

Re: VGA to DVI on 6800
You used the adapter that came with the card, right? Have you tried the other plug on the back? Are you sure your power supply connection as well as the card's connection to the motherboard are secure?

imvpro 01-04-06 05:11 PM

Re: VGA to DVI on 6800
The adapter I used came with a 6600 gt I had, so no its not the one that came with the card, it didn't come with one. I did check the power connection and the motherboard connection, they are fine, what should I do about the adapter?

saturnotaku 01-04-06 06:07 PM

Re: VGA to DVI on 6800

Originally Posted by imvpro
it didn't come with one.

If it was a retail boxed product it should have come with two. The adapter you had from your previous card must have some sort of incompatibility. You could try to contact XFX tech support to see if they will send you a replacement.

ricercar 01-07-06 04:30 PM

Re: VGA to DVI on 6800
Have you tested your analog display with each DVI connector? Boot with the analog display on one DVI port three times. If you don't see a POST screen, try the other DVI port three times.

Sometimes my XFX dual-DVI cards have recognition problems when I switch betweeen analog and digital displays, between analog VGA and analog TV, or between single and dual-display configurations. The video configuration (vCMOS?) gets confused. Rebooting a few times often cures this.

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