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Roadhog 01-06-06 06:13 PM

What one should I buy?! I've been reading that the XFX 6800GS AGP can be unlocked to 16 pipes, and 6 shaders. It is also clocked at 350/1100, and people are getting 450+ mhz on the stock heatsink out of it... I have heard nothing about the EVGA one, but it looks like i has a better cooler. Although it is only clocked at 350/1000, and i've heard nothing of it being able to be unlocked, or overclocked very much. So, shouldn't the EVGA one be practically the same, since they both use the same core? Or should I just wait till the 10th and buy the XFX one...

ricercar 01-07-06 03:40 PM

Re: EVGA 6800GS AGP or XFX?
Both companies are solid. I like XFX slightly more since they started releasing dual-DVI cards in the FX era, when mostly no one else had Dual-DVI consumer cards except MSI.

Roadhog 01-07-06 06:18 PM

Re: EVGA 6800GS AGP or XFX?
well, I just ordered a XFX 6800GS AGP from ZZF... It should be here on tuesday..

Got it for $220 + Free 2 day shipping, and also a VF700-cu for it. :D

snowmanwithahat 01-07-06 08:05 PM

Re: EVGA 6800GS AGP or XFX?
i would have gotten the evga because of their trade-up option, it's cool, anyway, good choice, a 6800 GS is pretty much the same, except the AGP oens... which i guess you're getting, those kinda suck compared to their PCI-e counterparts

Roadhog 01-07-06 09:30 PM

Re: EVGA 6800GS AGP or XFX?
well not really.. If the AGP one unlocks to 16 pipes, and does atleast 450mhz on the core... Then it will be good. I Will see if what everyone is saying is truen on Tuesday.

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