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Nathan 08-11-02 09:53 PM

This adventure game has been out for a few months. I've read some good reviews on it, but surprisingly there are no mentions of the game on this forum. I'm just d/ling the demo now. Has anyone played this game? Your opinions? :)

PCarr78 08-12-02 12:15 AM

Weren't there 2 of these games out YEARS ago (1996 and before?)

Syberia and Syberia2:Resurrection


Got any linkage for the one which you're talking about?

SavagePaladin 08-12-02 01:55 AM

this is a different one, most definately

I dunno, I don't much like adventure games I guess.
Gabriel Knight 1+2 and the first Broken Sword were cool, the later sequels.....nah

PCarr78 08-12-02 02:05 AM

6 words:

Monkey Island

Day of the Tentacle

SavagePaladin 08-12-02 03:23 AM

which are really old and i really don't care about, as if those games were made today i wouldn't even have been interested

wysiwyg 08-12-02 05:10 AM

no. those were Cyberia (the old 2 on the rails games) which i loved in those days btw ;) :cool:



the new french game is called = Syberia





PCarr78 08-12-02 09:41 PM


new french game
Ugh, I see another "Golden Dolphin"-like adventure

Nathan 08-12-02 10:03 PM

After playing the demo, I don't really like the game. The graphics looked good as small screenshots, but in the game, quality is very lacking. Gameplay is also too linear for me.

I confused Syberia for Cyberia at first too!

Matthyahuw 08-12-02 10:39 PM

I DL'ed the demo.
I hate these type of games...it's called "find the hidden spot on the screen to click on"!
WOOHOO! :rolleyes:

Kruno 08-13-02 05:07 AM


The game did intrest me at first especially since I like those type of adventure games to some extent. What I mean is that all they are is just onscreen books where you click things. If they cost cheap and have intresting character backgrounds I would be intrested but this game I don't really like even though the girl looks sexy.

PCarr78 08-14-02 12:15 AM


Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
I would be intrested but this game I don't really like even though the girl looks sexy.
Agreed, the girl is sexy in a non-****ty way. She's genuinely attractive.

With a high-poly model and some imagination...

This kind of sexiness is refreshing in games

Smokey 08-14-02 06:32 AM

Got this game for my wife as she is the adventure freeak in the house, except for one, Grim Fandango ;) After finishing the game she this is what she said about it. To easy, to quick but with a good story. Her favorite adventure games thus far are, Gabriel Knight 1, 2 and 3.

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