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yagomike 01-09-06 10:15 PM

Xv picture controls on GeForce 6200TC
In a nutshell, is it possible to adjust color saturation and hue in the Xv video texture adaptor on a 6200 card?

The long version: I just purchased a PCI-E GeForce6200TC based card that I was planning to use for watching video. I'm using the 8178 drivers. Functionally, everything works fine. However, the color saturation of the Xv video overlay is set so high that it's unwatchable. All of my older graphics cards have Xv picture controls for saturation, hue, brightness, and contrast. These controls are missing on the 6200 card. I'm connected to a plasma TV through the DVI port. Because it's an RGB connection, the plasma has no way of adjusting color saturation and hue.

Is this just a missing driver feature, or is the 6200 hardware not capable of providing these controls? If the 6200 card can't do it, is there some other PCI-express-based card that can?

-- Mike

Thunderbird 01-10-06 01:14 AM

Re: Xv picture controls on GeForce 6200TC
Hardware overlay support (the hw functionality which is used in general by Xv) isn't implemented in modern videocards arriving after the NV40 (geforce6200(TC), 6600(GT), 7800 (GT/GTX). Videoplayers might over features for adjusting brightness and other features. You can also try the opengl(2) backend supported by several mediaplayers perhaps players offer control for those backends.

yagomike 01-10-06 02:10 PM

Re: Xv picture controls on GeForce 6200TC
Thanks for the reply.

It's unfortunate that nvidia chose to remove a useful feature. The application I'm using (mythtv) doesn't have an opengl output driver. I tried mplayer's gl and gl2 output drivers and the performance is abysmal. xine's opengl driver performs ok, but I couldn't make any of the picture controls work.

The only thing remotely useful that I've found is to use mplayer's <-vf hue> software filter. That really doesn't do anything to solve my playback problem in mythtv, though.

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