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celebdor 01-10-06 04:00 PM

K8T800PRO and nvidia
I start this thread just because I would like to know if nvidia has any plans on adding support for the VIA K8T800PRO in their agp driver because since I've changed my motherboard I have had to stick to the amd64_agp driver, and I must say it can not compete on performance with nvidia's one. The most remarkable counterback is with very demanding games such as Counter Strike Source and Quake IV, where now I can't take advantage of my 20'' display.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

kmike 01-11-06 09:29 AM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
81.78's README lists VIA K8T800 as supported. So you're saying that the Pro version doesn't work with NvAGP?

netllama 01-11-06 02:10 PM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
I don't believe that the K8T800Pro chipset is the same as K8T800.


celebdor 01-11-06 06:51 PM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
No, it is not the same. In fact, if I'm not wrong, it differs to the K8T800 in the south bridge, and it is probably the reason for the not working status.

Robert Jaysword 03-19-07 06:47 PM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
Sorry for replying to an old thread, but I've been looking forward to get NVIDIA support on K8T800 Pro, it's very annoying to have to disable agp (NvAGP 0) to be able to use STR and Hibernate, compiz becomes sluggish without AGP enabled.

I'm considering buying a new 3D card (mine is 4 years old), and supporting my mobo's chipset correctly will have a lot of weight in my decision. So can someone please tell me if any work is being done to support K8T800 Pro with NVAGP, or should I stop waiting and go buy an ATI card instead?

deBeuk 03-19-07 07:28 PM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
The kernel agpgart will support the k8t800pro just fine, no need to disable agp totally.

Robert Jaysword 03-20-07 08:21 AM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
Well I just tried it again with agpgart (with kernel 2.6.20-12) a few times and I get pretty random results. Sometimes it will freeze, others it will appear to resume ok but then fail to suspend from there on.
The only way it works all the time is with AGP disabled.
That's why I'd like to know if there are plans to make my board work with NvAGP = 1?

Robert Jaysword 03-20-07 08:46 AM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
I just googled for similiar problems and this person is having exactly the same issues:


Scroll down to AGP Problems, he explains what's going on pretty well.

netllama 03-20-07 11:38 AM

Re: K8T800PRO and nvidia
There are no current plans to enhance agp drivers. As you're experiencing problems with the kernel's native agp driver as well, it seems unlikely that this is an nvidia driver bug. I'd suggest reporting this upstream to whomever maintains your kernel.

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