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jay_cee 01-10-06 05:19 PM

Best nvidia card for video playback on Linux?
What's my best bet for playing back DVDs and HDTV on linux? The FX5200 is not a viable candidate (I have one now) because it cannot do 1920x1080p@60Hz over DVI. Are any of the newer cards suitable for video playback and can they do full bandwidth DVI?

Thanks - J

clearer 01-11-06 01:58 PM

Re: Best nvidia card for video playback on Linux?
The best is properbly the 7800 GTX-512, but the best you can afford. Any GeForce 6600/6800 or 7800 card should do, especially if you have it in an PCIe slot - which I assume is not available to you unless you get another motherboard. I haven't tested any of those cards though, but if you can afford it, I would go for a 7800 GT or higher. The 7800 GT costs about the same (or less) as a 6800 GT and has a lot more to offer.

Anyway, don't you think this is the wrong place to ask? This is a Linux forum, but the question you are asking has very little to do with linux.

uOpt 01-11-06 02:27 PM

Re: Best nvidia card for video playback on Linux?
6800 no letters AGP or 6800GT/Ultra AGP or PCIe.

6800 PCIe and all 6600 variants and 7xx0 remove some hardware capability for playing video with the 2D engine which has Linux support. On these cards some video capabilities have been transferred to Purevideo which is using the 3D engine and is not supported by Linux (not to mention I wouldn't like to fire up the power-hungry 3D engine needlessly).

I run my 1920x1200 display with a 5900XT which is about perfect.

jay_cee 01-11-06 02:43 PM

Re: Best nvidia card for video playback on Linux?
Thanks for the replies -

Martin - Does the "6800 no letters AGP" have all the hardware acceleration that the 5200 does, or am I misreading your post?

What are the implications of the lost hardware acceleration? Is that simply more load on the CPU (how much more?) or is there automatic video degredation of some sort?

Thanks! J

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