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manoel 01-11-06 01:13 PM

GFORCE FX5200 freezes system
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Hi guys!

In the last months i am suffering regular freezes in my Ubuntu desktop. Sometimes the system freezes just when i enter gdm, other times when surfing with firefox, and other times just when i minimize a window.

In WINXP there is no problem at all, so i discard hardware problem.

I attach the nvidia bug log, but i dont see nothing special (sure, im not a nvidia expert XD ).

Best Regards

netllama 01-11-06 02:24 PM

Re: GFORCE FX5200 freezes system
I have a few questions:
0) Per the NVIDIA README, the GLcore and dri X modules should not be in your X configuration. Please remove them.
1) Have you applied these patches?
2) Does this reproduce without a PREEMPT kernel?
3) What kind of motherboard are you using?


manoel 01-12-06 09:55 AM

Re: GFORCE FX5200 freezes system
Thanks for the info about the patches netllama, i will try with them.

Even without the dri and glcore the system goes down (and using kernels from 2.6.8 to 2.6.15).

The motherboard is an gygabyte GA8 (i dont remember the exact model) with nforce3 chipstet.

Best regards

netllama 01-12-06 10:57 AM

Re: GFORCE FX5200 freezes system
Please verify that you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard (in addition to the driver patches).


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