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bogler 01-16-03 05:01 AM

linux 4191 drivers and dvd performance
I have recently installed the 4191 tar files on RedHat 8.0 latest kernel and i have noticed that my dvd performance has seriously degraded, i have DMA on etc etc and the quality is very poor! I have had DVD's running perfectly under previous kernels and nvidia drivers, whats happened?

Card is GeForce 2 MX PCI 32MB, Celeron 850MHz, 256MB RAM

I have noticed that normal, general 2d performance is poor, i don't bother with gaming but i want my dvd's back.

Anyone know why the 2d performance is so slow?

Please help, i have seen various threads but it seems like there are a whole stack of problems with 4191.

I can startx ok, it all looks ok but the performance is ****.

P.S if i want to downgrade drivers and still run the latest kernel is it possible, i think i might can these 4191 drivers, how do i downgrade the drivers?


bwkaz 01-16-03 06:40 AM

That might have something to do with the RENDER extension that nVidia replaced in 4191. Maybe -- I'm not sure though. I don't know what's all involved in playing DVDs.

You can install 3123 over top of 4191 with the tar files easily, and since you would be installing from tar files, it would work with every kernel, as long as the source for that kernel is installed and configured. If you get errors trying to make, post them; they're probably happening because of kernel-source.

Actually, .src.rpm's would probably work as well, but you'll have to remove 4191 first: rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX ; rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel

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