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Sir Random 01-16-06 08:34 PM

6800 Ultra & Win98SE
Has anyone got a 6800 running on Win '98?
My HD crashed last friday (after some buzzing/clicking), and I couldn't reboot XP or access the drive from DOS :(. I found a really old HD (2Gb, Win98) and installed it, but when I tried to install nvidia drivers, I got the message "no nvidia chip found on this system". I did a format/reinstall of 98, but drivers still didn't detect the card. I tried installing Belarc and Everest, but they didn't detect the card either. I tried reseating it, changed power leads, but nothing. Then I tried an old Radeon 7000 and it worked fine, so I figured the HD crash had killed my 6800 Ultra as well. :cry:
I got a new 250Gb Barracuda HD this morning, Monday, and installed XP (still using the Radeon 7000). I eventually plucked up the courage to try my 6800, and hey presto! the drivers installed fine! :D :smoking2:

Sorry for the long post, but I'm just really relieved that my card's ok so I had to share the story. I've been smiling all day, after spending the weekend worrying about the cost of a PCI-E upgrade. :D

jAkUp 01-25-06 02:53 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra & Win98SE
The old HD probably had reminents of some other drivers on the system, that was not allowing the 6800 Ultra to be installed.

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