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chareos 01-17-06 04:43 AM

6800 GS PCI-E support
Hi everybody,

anyone got any success/horror stories about this card in Linux, with the latest drivers ?

I'm looking forward toyour replies to buy it or not.

Many, many thanks


quetzyg 01-17-06 12:27 PM

Re: 6800 GS PCI-E support
Well, I've got a GeForce 6600 Go (laptop), and running OpenGL apps with it, results on a system freeze (sooner or later). Someone with a GeForce 6800 Go had a similar problem.
I used drivers from the 1.0-6629 version, up to the latest one (1.0-8178), but the problem remains.

If you're curious, check the thread related to this issue here.

But this must be a laptop specific issue, since I don't see people with desktop pcs talking about it.

herbo 01-17-06 11:20 PM

Re: 6800 GS PCI-E support
Upgraded from a 9800pro a week or two ago and been running a 6800gs PCI-E (Sparkle) on an Via Athlon64 system (A3000 + Asus A8V-E) with 8178 drivers and it has been working perfectly...

Am using Gentoo (~amd64) with Kernel 2.6.15 and 3D, twinview, fan control etc.. work fine.

cjcox 01-18-06 12:03 AM

Re: 6800 GS PCI-E support
Can't comment about the GS, and I have NO idea how laptops got brought into this... but I have a go1400 (the Quadro version of the go6800) and I have NONE of the issues mentioned.

Hopefully somone with a GS will respond to the OP.

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