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tRoNiX 01-16-03 05:45 PM

Nvidia driver problem
I am trying to install the kernel nvidia (the las one)but send me an error, unresolved symbol /src/linux/....../video/nvidia.o
I have Debian 3.0r1 with kernel 2.4.20
Geforce 4 ti-4200 64mb

Andy Mecham 01-16-03 07:37 PM

Unresolved symbols usually mean that your kernel source configuration doesn't match your running kernel. They need to be in sync to correctly build the driver.


tRoNiX 01-16-03 07:52 PM

And what i have to do to fix the problem?

Andy Mecham 01-16-03 07:58 PM

You need to make sure your kernel source configuration matches your running kernel. If you compiled your own kernel, then you should be ok, unless you went back and made changes to your .config without recompiling. If you're using a distro kernel, you need to make sure you've got the matching kernel-source package.


tRoNiX 01-16-03 08:05 PM

I download and install the kernel 2.4.20, what file i have to download?

Andy Mecham 01-16-03 08:11 PM

Probably the kernel-source debian package. I'm not a debian power user, so I don't know the package name off the top of my head. I'm sure bwkaz will chime in and set me straight. :)


tRoNiX 01-16-03 08:14 PM

But there is none debian package source in the nvidia web...:rolleyes:

Andy Mecham 01-16-03 08:17 PM

No - this is the source for your kernel. This comes from Debian. You need to have the correct kernel sources for your linux kernel before you can compile the NVIDIA_kernel package.


tRoNiX 01-16-03 09:21 PM

I dont understand...

Wolfman [TWP] 01-16-03 09:41 PM

What Andy is saying is that you need to install the Source files for your kernel that you are running. In this case for your 2.4.20 kernel. If you installed it from CD, then the kernel source should be on one of those CD's. If not, then you need to download and install it from the net.

The Source code is required when C programs are written or that need to be recompiled for a new version of Linux Kernel.

Without the kernel source, you cannot recompile the Nvidia Drivers.

I hope this cleared this up a bit....

junkieclown 01-16-03 09:51 PM

what happens when you do

# apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.20

you ought to get the kernel sources installed plus some other packages, possibly, utilities needed to compile kernel source.

tRoNiX 01-16-03 10:16 PM

I download the kernel... and the source is in /src/linux

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