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cathalferris 01-19-06 11:58 AM

6600gt vivo, colour and tv out issues.
I have a Gainward 660GT VIVO card, and I am having some tv-out problems.
VIVO WDM driver 4.13, forceware 81.98. All seems to work.

When I connect my s-video out to the tv svideo in, I have no problem with colour rendition.
However, when I connect my composite-out connector to the tv composite-in, I get no colour rendition. In the drivers, when I choose the type of output to give to the tv (in right-click the tv in "Nview Display Settings", select tv format, advanced) from auto-detect to composite, I get a half-second of color after clicking Apply - Okay before the tv screen blanks and stays blank. Upon returning to autodetect, the tv display comes back and is colourless. The monitor is unaffected.

My tv signal type (secam/pal/ntsc etc) is matched on the tv to the output from the card.

I can check using the vivo functions that I have colour on the s-video, and no colour on composite. I can give you screenshots if you like.

On bootup, the composite out gives full colour from bios through to the XP logo, through to the point where the drivers initialise and the desktop is rendered. From that point it is colourless.

I have my doubts that it is a user issue, as I have triple checked my cabling, and it has worked for other computers (I have a laptop with a GF2Go in).

Is there a known bug in which there is no output over the composite-out when composite is chosen exclusively? Is there a seperate bug where there is no colour information given out over the composite-out under auto-detect or s-video out?

What more information is required to troubleshoot or check?

The card bios is, GeForce 6600GT (AGP), 128Mb, VIVO.
I am using XP service pack 2 (32bit) on an Athlon64 3000+ on an NForce3 motherboard.
I can use the VIVO functions for test and I also have a small tv that autodetects the colour type (pal/ntsc etc) with composite in.


cathalferris 01-24-06 04:46 AM

Re: 6600gt vivo, colour and tv out issues.
bump - has anyone else with these drivers come across this issue of no signal on composite when composite is chosen in the advanced tv-format menu, and no colour on composite when auto is chosen?


jAkUp 01-25-06 02:45 AM

Re: 6600gt vivo, colour and tv out issues.
Have you tried the 77.77 drivers? The 80.XX drivers have some issues with a blue tint

cathalferris 01-25-06 07:18 AM

Re: 6600gt vivo, colour and tv out issues.
i'll try them this evening.

cathalferris 01-25-06 11:02 AM

Re: 6600gt vivo, colour and tv out issues.
77.77 drivers have the same problems.
No colour on any tv protocol on composite with autoselection of output type, and no viewable signal on composite with output type set at composite.

I got the same momentary full-colour view as the output switched upon applicaion of settings.

Note: all the time, on boot, I get proper colour output until the drivers activate. Odd!

Over the next few days I'll try various flavours of driver to see where it stops working.

I think it has to be a driver bug. Where would I report this?

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