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samandhi 01-16-03 10:46 PM

FreeBSD installation problem. Please help?!
I am new to FreeBSD, but have everything up and running. Well, all exept the Nvidia driver.

I have compiled and installed my kernel using the USER_LDT and SYSVSHM options. I also made sure that device agp, was in there also. I then installed the driver, and when rebooting I get a system stop at the mounting blah blah. It totally locks up and all I can do is to push the reset button on the tower.

I am using a GeForce 2 GTS w/32 mb ram, on an K7S5A Elite MB w/SIS chipset.
I cant say for sure but I wouldnt think it is something misconfigured in XFree86, as it doesnt even get that far (I dont have it set to auto boot anyhow). Does anyone have any ideas?

bwkaz 01-17-03 07:52 AM

"I get a system stop at the mounting blah blah"

What's the system mounting? The root filesystem, or other filesystems? Does this kernel that you compiled with USER_LDT and SYSVSHM (and AGP device support, I guess) enabled at least boot without the nVidia drivers?

I'm thinking it might be something like Mandrake 8's issues with reiserfs -- it didn't install an initrd, and it built reiserfs support as a module, so if you formatted / as reiserfs, there wasn't support in the kernel to mount it at boot time, and you'd get a "kernel panic: can't mount root device 03:05" on boot. But I don't know a ton about *BSD, so it may not be that -- indeed, that may not even be possible, I don't know.

samandhi 01-17-03 10:27 AM

Yeah, I dont think that is possible, but to answer your question, yes, it does boot just fine if I stop the boot, and unload the nvidia driver then boot with my regular kernel.

Everything runs just fine, I just have NO 3d support at all. I have made sure that the dri driver is not even present, just in case (as I have heard that this is not compatible with the nvidia driver). I have done everything else that I can think of, but as I am still very very new to FreeBSD, I might be missing something simple.

bwkaz 01-17-03 11:36 AM

Hmm, OK. Like I said, I don't know much about any BSD system, so I don't know of much else to try.

Maybe someone else does? *looks around*

clay 01-18-03 12:05 PM

I had issues with the nv agp driver... so i edited the ~/src/nv-freebsd.h file... search for USE_OS_AGP_GART and change it to #define USE_OS_AGP_GART

also put the following in your /boot/loader.conf

then change your X config file as suggested and all should work.

samandhi 01-18-03 08:58 PM

Ok I will try that. I have the loader.conf and xconfig files saying that. just havent edited the .h file. Thanks, will let ya know if it works.

BTW it is locking up where it says Mounting drive as ufs:/dev/ad1s1a

samandhi 01-18-03 09:30 PM

Im sorry the message I am getting is mounting root as UFS:/dev/ad1s1a

And what you suggested didnt work either. It is still totally locking up with the message mounting root as etc. ... etc. ... Now what? hehe

aabram 01-19-03 01:25 AM

you need ufs support

Originally posted by samandhi
Im sorry the message I am getting is mounting root as UFS:/dev/ad1s1a
You need to enable

options FFS
options FFS_ROOT

in your custom kernel config file.

Generally safest way to make custom kernel config is to make a copy of GENERIC and only change the lines you need, leaving everything else intact. If this works then you can later on start stripping your custom config from unneccessary stuff.

Read LINT for all available options and explanations.

samandhi 01-19-03 08:41 AM

Those are already enabled in my Kernel. They are by default anyhow, I just didnt disable them. Hmmm curious why it is doing this.

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