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ZeroKun 01-20-06 01:49 AM

TV-out not flatscreen
I have one of those Emerson 27" flatscreens from Walmart and a Geforce4 mx 4000(I think, I forgot the number..). Anyway, the image on my TV using the seperate screen x setup draws as if it was a regular tube TV, is there a way to fix that? 8178 drivers.

netllama 01-20-06 02:03 PM

Re: TV-out not flatscreen
I'm not sure that I understand the problem you're reporting. What is the current behavior, and what behavior were you expecting?

Also, please generate and post an nvidia-bug-report.log.


ZeroKun 01-21-06 04:50 AM

Re: TV-out not flatscreen
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All I can post is an image since the log is too large, I'll email it with the thread title instead. You can notice that the curving of the sides and top is pretty obvious.

netllama 01-21-06 01:58 PM

Re: TV-out not flatscreen
The only thing that I can think of that would cause the bowing effect in your picture is a bad modeline. That wouldn't be the fault of the nvidia X driver.


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