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Mudcrutch 01-21-06 09:58 AM

Newb WOW Questions
couple of questions for a beginner. i am sure some of you pros can help me out...

- i play sporatically and dont care much about joining a guild or group or whatever. is there much fun to be had from soloing? and if so, how "far" can i get in the game alone? any good soloing guides out there?

- what level would you say things get "fun?" i am level 8 now and the quests seem pretty similar/boring/basic. things must heat up as time goes on?

thanks for any advice and maybe we can use this thread for all newb questions or something.. i am sure to have more as time goes on.

Badboy_12345 01-21-06 11:12 AM

Re: Newb WOW Questions
u can go to lvl 60 soloing ;)
only thing u cant do is instances which require u to join up with a group and the best gear comes from instances.
And u also cant do big raids when u are lvl 60 if u dont join up with a guild, and thats the best part in the game high lvl raids ;)

yeah it get better and better as u are lvling up at lvl 40 u get a mount.

but personally I think the most fun is to do the instances which requires a group, so test that out.

Slybri 01-21-06 01:09 PM

Re: Newb WOW Questions
Depends alot on which class you play. Hunters are great at soloing, warlocks are good too. A lot of the fun comes from getting new powers every other level and from spending your talent points, which you get every level starting at lvl10. The classes usually get their class defining powers at lvl 10 and 20.
A lot of the quests you're gonna need help on, and there's usually other people in a zone that will help out. It's easy to find a pick up group for instances and such, but you may end up fighting over loot, or find that some members will leave halfway though. A good guild will plan instance runs and share the loot fairly.
Really, compared to other MMO's, it's easy to play solo in WOW. But it's not as fun. The classes are designed to complement each other. It's an MMO, your supposed to interact with others. Try joining a large guild. It's easier to come and go on your own time and you don't have to commit yourself as much, but there are still players to help you out.

If you want to play a great RPG by yourself, wait for ES:Oblivion in March. I know I am!

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