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wetenschapper 01-22-06 07:17 AM


I've got dual screen (CRT & TV) without Clone etc

I can export the DISPLAY and start a mplayer on the other screen,
this works fine, but when I export the screen and start mythtv on the other screen it doesn't know the resulution of the other screen.

so is there a var I can export so I can tell mythtv to resize to the resolution of the other screen?

thanks in advance,

Thunderbird 01-22-06 07:30 AM

Using the xinerama extension programs can query the (visible) resolution of the 'active' display. I don't have experience with mythtv but likely it supports xinerama in some way.

wetenschapper 01-22-06 07:48 AM

xinerama is to span one logical X over multible screens, this is not what I want, so I don't understand what you mean?

Thunderbird 01-22-06 08:35 AM

To confuse you there are two things.

Originally Xinerama was an extension for X which made it possible to combine multiple videocards in one 'big desktop'. The Xinerama extension doesn't require you to use monitors of the same dimensions. In case monitors of different sizes are mixed a virtual resolution is used on the small monitor. (For instance if you use two monitors and one uses 1024x768 and the other 800x600, the second screen for instance gets a visible resolution of 800x600 and a virtual one of 1024x768) The xinerama extension provides allows applications to query what the visible resolution of the active display is.

When you enable Twinview support of the nvidia drivers you get a big desktop (unless you use Clone mode). For compatibility with programs, Nvidia's Twinview emulates the Xinerama extension. To make it even more complicated you can also use seperate X screens and enable xinerama on that. In that case the Xinerama extension from X is used whereas in case of Twinview Nvidia's Xinerama emulation is used.

wetenschapper 01-22-06 09:21 AM

2 Attachment(s)
hmm that's getting complicated

I attached my two configs, one with twinview and clone screen, and the one I'm using now, where I use seperate X screens

which config do I need to edit and how?
if I understand it correctly I have to modify my config with Twinview change it from "clone" to "left" and add Xinerama with this: Option "Xinerama" "True"

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