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rdf 01-22-06 02:03 PM

Using DVI in Solaris 10
I've got a Sun W2100z running Solaris 10, with the 1.0-8178 driver installed. I have a Sony LCD with two inputs, a VGA and DVI. I'm currently using the VGA connection, but I'd like to use DVI with the W2100z, and free up the VGA input for use with another machine.

My question is, can this be done, and if so, what do I have to do to get it working? I believe the graphics card is an NVS280.



netllama 01-22-06 02:10 PM

Re: Using DVI in Solaris 10
You shouldn't have to do anything to get this to work, assuming that you're not using any special X options (IgnoreEDID, ConnectedMonitor, etc) which would prevent the driver from properly detecting your display.

If you're having problems, please generate and post a bug report.


rdf 02-11-06 06:00 AM

Re: Using DVI in Solaris 10
Maybe I'm missing something here!

I've got a W2100z with the standard NVS280. Plugged into it is the supplied "Y" cable. If I attach my panel to branch 1 of that cable with the VGA adapter and standard cable, it works fine. If I attach a DVI cable between branch 1 and the panel, the panel complains that it gets no input. This is in X, on the console, or from the BIOS. Am I just doing something fundamentally wrong?

thanks for any advice, however basic!


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