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xniper 08-12-02 02:21 AM

Disable Kernel Messages?
What option do I have to set during compile time to disable the kernel messages that appear whenever the system allocates/deallocates the pages?

I don't really like the kernel debug messages filling up 3 pages of my syslog after a game of quake ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Thunderbird 08-12-02 03:25 AM

There are no options for it. You can try to disable some messages in the opensource part of the kernel module but I don't think that will help much since most stuff is closed.

Isn't it possible to disable in syslog that you don't want nvidia "errors"?

logan 08-12-02 01:57 PM

All of the 'NVRM: freed x pages' type messages are in the NVIDIA_kernel (NVdriver) module.

Just comment the printk() in os-interface.c and recompile.

I think with some of the newer syslogs, you can actually handle messages in a more sane way, matching on pattern and such..

Perhaps NVIDIA will eventually update the kernel module to use some #ifdef DEBUG's around such.

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