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|MaguS| 01-23-06 10:10 PM

PlanetSide for FREE
Well... 12 Months free for now... Better then nothing right? I actually loved the game back in the day but just couldn't see myself paying for a MMO FPS game. It just didn't have the type of holding power that normal MMOs have but I guess for free its worth going back to.

If you don't know what Planetside is then well... look it up! Actually imagine BF2 in a futuristic world and MASSIVE. Now add the ability to take over bases, towers and just throw in alot more chaos... thats what you have.

Some of the new changes to the game sound good aswell...

Linky Linky

killahsin 01-23-06 10:16 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
I'll definatly be checking that out =)

Edge 01-23-06 10:24 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
Yeah, I heard about this, good news indeed. I have a really old account that I got up to BR10/CR2 from free trials, and this deal is almost as good (up to BR8/CR2 with unlimited time). Maybe I can get back into playing this game with my friends, if it's free, what's to lose?

Except, maybe we should rename this forum to the "MMO" forum, since technically Planetside is an MMOFPS ;)

Mudcrutch 01-23-06 11:51 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
so its free to play if you have bought the game..? or is the d/l free too?

also how have they come on the bugs?

|MaguS| 01-23-06 11:57 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
Client has been free for a long time now...

Nv40 02-03-06 11:57 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE

PlanetSide for FREE

No thanks.
After Ruining the game ,what could have been an awesome TRibes games. with excelent MOd community support. They dediced to follow the model of WOW or EQ2.Now they are giving it for free , a game that have zero future.. since wil not receive support from the developers ,neither from the community.

THis is aperfect example why MMORPG games are a bad thing for the industry.Its more the damage they do ,than the benefits to the industry averall .BEcause if the best PC games move in that direction , the majority will have a similar destiny like planetside.Since is not easy to compete with the major ones and There is not enough room online for too many Pay2Play MMORPGS to compete and get enough money back. This is what? the third online-only game that its future is dead and is free? in a year from now must likely they will shot down their servers.. all those years of development in the trash can, since the game could not be played in any other way than online with private servers.

If guildwars have show us something is that it can be done to have online only games (albeit less Massive MP) for free with non stop development.

EQ2 and WOW can be awesome games ,but it sucess doesnt comes for free , many games with great potentials and next gen graphics will end like planetsite trying to compete.

|MaguS| 02-04-06 06:53 AM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
First how was this suppose to be a tribes game since well it has NOTHING to do with tribes. The reason it was an MMO and not a normal game was do to the nature of the combat and world. You cant have a non MMO being persistent and hack free.

GW is a very small game and very limited. Plus it nowhere as near as deep as good MMO. Guess what your going to have to pay for every expantion for GW, nothing for free while in EQ and WoW they have been getting tons of content for free regularly.

Planetside isn't dying, they are going free to gain more people but it will be around for awhile since whats left of the community is pretty strong. They also are trying a new method to see if ingame ads can mantain it. You used the example that free means the MMO is dying, well then Anarchy Online should have died over a year ago but its still free and going pretty strong. DOAC has less players then it and isn't free...

MMOs are IMO more enjoyable then most PC games since they are constantly evolving and can bring you challanges that other games cant.

Nv40 02-04-06 11:32 PM

Re: PlanetSide for FREE
Its pointless discussing with people that cant see beyond
their level 60 characters in their games. The issue is not about whether or not they are fun ,because thats merely subjective ,for example i knew many people in GUildwars (WOW/EQ2 players) that liked almost every thing in GW alot more than those games you play ,exept for being "only" 100hours of SP gameplay per proffession. the fact is that the More expensive developers make for gamers to play their games the worse will be for the majority of the gaming community to support a wider variety of games. But nothing in this discussion will change anything ,neither you will understand .The destiny of many good games that could have been awesomes Online FPS games or RPGS with non-stop support from the MOd community ( that still today support 7years old games), will have the same well deserved destiny of Planetsite and others that noone plays anymore and that only a very small minority of the community enjoyed , for trying to compete with the bigger ones.

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