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Philibob 01-17-03 02:00 PM

3DMark03 Teaser
Wasn't sure if this is supposed to be in the benchmark forum :|
Who's seen it?
I think it looks great and can't wait for the full thing, the music's good too

Smokey 01-17-03 02:18 PM

A bit short :retard: I was expecting something like the 2001 trailer!

DaveW 01-17-03 02:52 PM

Im to scared to install WMP9 to view it. Have you read its EULA?

Philibob 01-17-03 03:02 PM

I'm using WMP8, just installed the WMP9 codec

Starscream 01-17-03 03:11 PM

7.1 works as well.

Anyone else hate every version of media player above 6.4?

I still use 6.4 for everything except these blasted media player 9 encoded videos that won't run in it.

LORD-eX-Bu 01-17-03 04:27 PM

WMP9 works fine for me. I have no probs using it, not scared of using it either.;)

eL_PuSHeR 01-18-03 06:43 AM

Best thing about WMP8 is that it recognizes Audio CDs at last.

stncttr908 01-18-03 09:40 AM

I just ran it in WMP7 no problems... :D

nin_fragile14 01-18-03 10:30 AM

Pretty lame trailer. There's about 15 seconds of a corridor with no enemies or objects; it's just a dimly lit corridor. :rolleyes:

ALobpreis 01-18-03 11:23 AM

Yes, too short.... but interesting anyway. It reminds me of Doom3... :eek:

Hyper_Snyper 01-18-03 11:59 AM

I guess no one knows a release date yet huh?
The video just showed Q1 03 flash across the screen.

|JuiceZ| 01-18-03 02:28 PM


Originally posted by ALobpreis
Yes, too short.... but interesting anyway. It reminds me of Doom3... :eek:
yea my brother thought it was a Doom3 trailer, heh. Anyways far too short but interesting nvr the less...

btw, these goes the benchies thread since it doesn't get enough traffic anyways :p

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