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killahsin 01-27-06 10:36 PM

SWG nerfed until fun?
Haha ok i'll change the thread name if it offends anyone. Personally I did not enjoy swg back in the days. But today i did the trial thing they have going. Wow they changed the whole game, like that? If so sign me up. I read smedleys response to the community in regards to the total game nerfage, and thought ohno this is bad. Needless to say i logged in and wow, it was actually star wars this time? Sure real simplistic, but it was fun and it got me right into the game. anyone with an active account to tell me if the quest system is like this in the rest of the game now?

superklye 01-28-06 12:13 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?
Yeah, everything was changed a month or two back with the NGE (New Game Enhancements), and the best part is that the game is being cancelled, now because the subscriptions are so low. :rofl

killahsin 01-28-06 04:15 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?
Thats what alot of people said. but I have heard this is not true. That the subscription base calmed down and they lost around 20% of their userbase, while alot of old school people who quit because they ddin't like the game have come back because they enjoy the changes. i know i went through the first 10 levels and the game is quite fun in its current 1-30 legacy quest style.

emailthatguy 01-28-06 05:48 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?
1-30 youll have fun, soloing the entire time. i assume youre a jedi. everyone is now. thats problem number one.

but i want you to do something. make your second character on the server youre playing on. pick ANY of the trader classes and tell me if its any fun at all. even if resources were working correctly, which they arent. but for sake of discussion if they were, youd STILL not be having any fun because the items that get dropped by mobs now are far better than any of the trader classes can make. only exception being shipwrights. i think thats structures trader? i cant remember. anyway, point being 1/3rd of the classes in the game are completely busted. smugglers still cant smuggle anything either. id say its more like they lost 1/3rd of their playerbase considering, thats how much of the game is completely broken.

god fixing that game would have been such a no brainer, go w/ the cu system, balance it finally, roll out the smuggler revamp, and instead of doing all this stupid clone crap. give everyone the expansion they actually wanted.


superklye 01-28-06 06:13 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?
But Sony has given us all the best expansion anyone could ask for: free rootkits for all!

emailthatguy 01-28-06 07:53 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?
kyle thats the best post ive ever seen you make since you came here

sigworthy and genius

superklye 01-28-06 08:01 PM

Re: SWG nerfed until fun?

Originally Posted by emailthatguy
kyle thats the best post ive ever seen you make since you came here

sigworthy and genius

hahaha...thanks. :D

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