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JamesA 01-18-03 01:01 PM

Wine/Half-Life/OpenGL mode not supported
Since I upgraded to the version 4191 drivers every time I try to start a game of Half-Life I get the message "The selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card".

Does anyone have any tips on resolving or debugging this issue? Half-Life used to run perfectly with the 3123 drivers under wine-20020605.

I've tried the following Wine versions:
wine-20020605 (stock RedHat 8.0)
wine-20021219 (winehq)
wine-20030115 (winehq)

BZFlag, Wolfenstein 3D, XScreensaver, etc all work fine.

If all else fails I will revert back to the 3123 drivers.

- James

bwkaz 01-18-03 05:25 PM

This problem is well-known (though I've never seen it happen when simply upgrading drivers) -- a G4L (that's Google for Linux, www.google.com/linux) search turned up the lhl.linuxgames.com HOWTO, with the answer to this question.

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