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rajesh 01-18-03 04:00 PM

sluggish while draging windows.
When i run my NVidia GEForce4 at 1024*768 and drag windows, the position of the window remains under the mouse, as it should be.

But, when i run it at 1280*1024, the window appears 'sluggish'..meaning, when i move the mouse, the window sort of lags behind the cursor.

Is there any way to fix this?

I use a Dell M782P monitor.


drdespair 01-22-03 03:30 AM

I have the same issue, I would guess its the refresh rate perhaps, I have a flat screen monitor, but I think I always had this issue with RedHat and GF4. Has anyone had similar experinace and fixed it?

gateway9550 01-22-03 05:10 AM

It is a known problem with 4191 drivers, reverting to 3123 should help. Or else you can disable the background image and use a solid color background.

I wonder why NVIDIA does not give the information about the problem on the driver page. Dont tell me everyone will read all the posts in the forum before downloading the driver

jnd3 01-22-03 08:14 AM

Ahhh, interesting. And here I thought it was just my antique GF2 that didn't like the newest drivers! Ditto
gateway9550, the 3123 driver set fixed the problem for me.


drdespair 01-23-03 06:45 AM

Thanks gateway, I just removed the background, and it works great!

rajesh 01-23-03 08:42 PM

It worked. i went back to the 3123 driver and its good.
Thanks everybody!

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