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Jason Novak 02-02-06 01:25 AM

Need help with 6800gt timings
I have a leadtek 6800gt that is having problems ... it locks up a lot. This seems to be a common problem with these cards, I've seen many threads on people RMAing them and getting back worse cards then they started with. My card works in Windows at least, but locks up a minute or two into 3Dmark. The memory seems to be the problem, I tried running it at 900MHz and it still dies, and I tried modding it to 1.4v, same thing. I am wondering if I can use less agressive then stock timings? It's a bit over my head though so I don't want to kill the card, so can someone suggest some settings I should use? If I run nibitor 2.6a and do an autodetect, it sets it to timingset 7.

john19055 02-02-06 11:14 AM

Re: Need help with 6800gt timings
What is your power supply since these need a lot of power on the 12v line to run right.

Jason Novak 02-02-06 11:35 AM

Re: Need help with 6800gt timings
I have a coolermaster 450w power supply, it has 2 12v lines, one at 10A, the other 12A (peak 18/16). I'm pretty sure based on other threads it's a flaw in this specific card, most likely defective RAM. There are a lot of other people having the same problem with this card. Mine was even refurbished when I got it, I took a chance that I'd get a good one and save $100, guess I lost. Because of all the horror stories from people trying to return theirs if I can get mine to work using slightly less agressive settings I'll be happy, I only want to RMA it as a last resort. Mine at least works in Windows, many others are already showing corruption in the BIOS boot screen.

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