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zefme 08-12-02 05:24 AM

TV-out - only white blue screen on TV
my card is GeForce4 MX-460, I tried everythig,
various settings recomended by nvidia README,
and the independent nvtv tool as well.

Results is allways the same, on crt the picture is OK,
but on TV I see the whole screen filled with white blue colour.

No matter if TwinView, or TV output only, the TV is allways blue.

anybody can help?


Thunderbird 08-12-02 05:41 AM

Make sure you set the correct tvout connector type:
Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO" or "COMPOSITE".

And perhaps the TV standard you chose isn't correct. (PAL-*, NTSC ..) The drivers default to NTSC. Check what TV standard your country uses. (if you have PAL most of the time your TV supports NTSC too but PAL is better ..)

Option "TVStandard" "NTSC", "PAL-B" ... Check the drivers for the standard your country uses.

zefme 08-12-02 07:00 AM

my connector and tv standard settings are correct,

I still see only white blue screen on TV....

Thunderbird 08-12-02 07:08 AM

So you only have a blue screen?

Can you post your XF86Config-4 file (atleast the part containing the tvout stuff).

zefme 08-12-02 07:33 AM

Ok, I'll do it tomorow evening,
now I'm not at home...


zefme 08-13-02 02:22 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Thunderbird,

here is my XFree config

zefme 08-13-02 02:23 PM

1 Attachment(s)
and here the picture I see on my TV

Thunderbird 08-13-02 04:12 PM

I would really check my cables.

zefme 08-13-02 04:19 PM

cables are OK, because:

- in W98 everything is OK
- in linux, using nvtv I can even see the test picture (color bars)

but, thats all

Thunderbird 08-14-02 03:10 AM

And what about real tvout using nvtv?

zefme 08-14-02 08:57 AM

what do you mean "real tvout"?

using nvtv i can switch between

F1 - TV (bright blue screen on TV, nothing on monitor)
F2 - Monitor (color bars on tv, picture on monitor OK)

Thunderbird 08-14-02 11:20 AM

I really don't know what's wrong. Perhaps something with your tvout chipset or the chipset might not be supported yet. (new revision ..) What videocard are using (mention the brand and model)

The working of the test screen doesn't say that much, that test screen is builtin into the chip.

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