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colonel 02-03-06 05:30 PM

overheating gainward 6800 GT no gold
Hi, all I m new here, i have the Gainward 6800GT no gold and I was trying to set up the Zalmar 700cu from my 6600gt. After setting the Zalmar I can't boot up the system, my motherboard check said is the video card, so after a couple hours I went back to the red heatsink with the 2 60mm fans. Now, after unintalling EXpertool the card with latest drivers from nividia is overheating to 78 and 50 IDE. I check volt in the bios and is set to auto, before the card used to overclock 410/1200 now is hot in defaults setting....


Knot3D 02-03-06 05:55 PM

Re: overheating gainward 6800 GT no gold
Check if the thermal pads are still ok, or if they have accidentily moved.

Why the change btw ? Mine cools great. Ok... it's not a supersilent card.. but
I've never seen my card go over 60 degrees celcius.

colonel 02-03-06 06:12 PM

Re: overheating gainward 6800 GT no gold
for a reason I dont know the 60 mm fans on the card dont scream like used to be in dynamic speed and cool the card in games

$n][pErMan 02-03-06 11:30 PM

Re: overheating gainward 6800 GT no gold
I have the Golden Sample 6800GT ... underfull load for long periods of time it hits close to 75c to 78c and idles at 50c. It has for almost 2 years now on the stock duel cooling setup. Those temps seem alright.

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