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zeekoe 02-05-06 10:08 AM

Two images on 3 screens; twinview _and_ clone

For using a beamer and video recording stuff at the same time, I need to have this setup:
* Image #1 - 1176x784 - VGA
* Image #2 - 800x600 - both VGA & Composite out (cloned)
I saw that the Asus nVidia Geforce FX5200 has VGA, DVI (+VGA) and S-Video/Composite connections. Perhaps the cheaper MX4000 too, but couldn't find detailed info on that one. Is this setup possible on Linux with one of these cards? And though offtopic, how about windows? Sorry if this is a UTFG question, I tried to search but hard to find useful info on this kind of an unusual setup. Another thing, how about the things mentioned in this thread? Will that prevent my setup from being possible?

zeekoe 02-06-06 11:31 AM

Re: Two images on 3 screens; twinview _and_ clone
*shameless kick*

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