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tuxfriend 01-19-03 03:59 PM

Hi to all,
look at this:
a lot of nice stuff over here,for everyone using Wine&WineX.


lmetza 01-19-03 04:05 PM

i took a look at that page.
But it didnt help me much. When i go to install warcraft 3 it says

Could not stat /root/.transgaming/c_drive (No such file or directory), ignoring
drive C:
Invalid path 'c:\windows' for windows directory: does not exist
Perhaps you have not properly edited or created your Wine configuration file.
This is (supposed to be) '/root/.wine/config'

when i click updir from root (where i can see all the folders) there ths /c (the one i told wineX to create burning setup).
How do i set up my config file so ti knows where my fake windows installation is. Please help. I hopefully wanna get warcraft 3 working today.

tuxfriend 01-19-03 04:31 PM


more input needed.Using the .rpms I played Warcraft III about 5 hours last

night-so it works very well under WineX.

How did you install WineX (think you are using the cvs)?

Distribution (RedHat Mandrake Debian.....)?

from your error-log I think you dont have a fake c_drive

so follow Franks how to:


look at Configuration and "making the directories".

May be it helps.Its getting a little late here in germany,so if you cant make it,please ask tomorrow,same time.

Sorry,did not meation that the c_drive was allready created-maybe you dont have permisions to install.Did you install warcraft
as root?


lmetza 01-19-03 04:53 PM

i am running redhat 8.0 kernel Athlon arch

I downloaded wineX221.tar.gz (a friend had it) I uncompressed it (double clicked it and click extract all) into the /root dir. So i have a folder called winex221 in my /root (/root/winex221).
i did what the reademe said.
I created the /c
I beleieve i need to configure the cinfig file in /root/.wine i dont know, im sorta new to linux still. I am very confused.

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