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lmetza 01-19-03 09:32 PM

Wine 20030115???
Has anyone tried Wine 20030115.

WHAT'S NEW with Wine-20030115:
* Much better header files compatibility in Winelib.
* A ton of Direct3D work.
* Many improvements in sound support.
* New wineboot tool to simulate a Windows reboot.
* Lots of bug fixes.

*A ton of Direct3D work, does that mean DirectX???
Or will i still need wineX 221?

Can i have both installed on the same system, latley ive only been trying to get WineX working, but no luck yet. Im confuffled.
Which would be better? wineX221.tar.gz (off a website) or wineX from CVS or Wine 20030115?
Please let me know, i am still new to linux and i wanna get warcraft 3, UT2003, rtcw working on my system. i followed the guide from
to install wineX and i ended up with stupid Config file blablabla and yada yada yada, its posted in my other posts (the error) and stuff about C/windows/system32 being invalid blablabla.

The Analog Kid 01-20-03 04:30 PM

A) I would still use WineX for gaming

B) There is a native port of RTCW, go to www.rtcwfiles.com and downloaded the patches. If you have RTCW GOTY Edition then you can copy the files from the CD. If you have the original, you can mount the partition its on if you have a Windows Installation, and copy the files. If you need help search for installing it on Google.com or PM me.

lmetza 01-20-03 04:39 PM

ok, is there an install binarie for RTCW? i remember my brother found 1 somewhere.

Budious 01-20-03 06:39 PM

http://www.3dgamers.com/games/return...tein/#filelist has all the linux binaries for rtcw

thomas_n 01-21-03 04:53 PM



C) UT2003 has Linux binaries on the 3rd CD.

lmetza 01-21-03 05:09 PM

SWEETNESS, i know epic supported linux but i couldent find the friggen binaries. thanks man

How do i swap the cds during install, cuz i had a problem swapping cd's with winex.

The Analog Kid 01-22-03 06:20 AM

Well it should have some readme, about how to do it. Go to the main web site and see if they have anything.

tuxfriend 01-22-03 12:47 PM

were usefull:


when playing games under linux.

lmetza 01-22-03 01:25 PM


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