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ronss 02-08-06 03:00 PM

just got my 6800gs evga
got my new 6800gs evga card this morning, what a beauty,, very nice looking card, looks well built..i got the 490mhz-1100mhz version.
copper heatsinks too.

runninng it on a socket 754, clawhammer +3400 amd 64, and epox socket 754 sli board, 8npa-sli...

benmarks-everything at stock settings-

aquamark 3 - 66,213

3d2001 se---23,786

madonion 2005-5712

my ambitions will turn this into a sli rig, going to get another 6800gs evga:D

sabersix1 02-08-06 05:32 PM

Re: just got my 6800gs evga
Glad to hear it. They look Sweet. Please fell free to visit or join the EVGA Community Forum.

ronss 02-09-06 01:24 AM

Re: just got my 6800gs evga

hey,, thanks for the comment...i will check out the forums, glad you shot it at me, or i probably would never have... i am hoping that when i go sli, that my numbers willl get bigger.. wow, you are getting some great benchmarks...., almost a 100,000 on aquamark, you out to feel proud.

i tryed to join slizone, but even with the sli board with only a single card at the moment, they still will not let me join... darn, why the strick restrictions, i have a sli board:thumbdwn:

jAkUp 02-09-06 02:01 AM

Re: just got my 6800gs evga
Yea SLI zone only takes signups if you have both cards, but no worries, once you pop that second card in all is good :D

ronss 02-09-06 02:10 AM

Re: just got my 6800gs evga

yea, i was getting that feeling about the slizone ..i was thinking if i had the motherboard, all would be cool, not so.. all well... you sure have a nice rig too, got some dollars in your rig , should be speeding..what are you getting in aquamark 3 and madoinion 5 ???

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