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Frostmind 02-09-06 06:37 AM

6600 Gaming problem :-(
I have just bought an new geforce 6600 AGP card. When i try to play any games or run 3d mark the grahpics get totaly distorded with triangels everywhere and discoloration. I've googled for answers to the problem but havn't found any solution that works.. aperently im not the only one with this problem.

I've tried diffrent drivers and aperture sizes..

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


JamesDax 02-09-06 06:44 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
Well, the most obvious question is do you have your card pluged in. And if yes, then whats the wattage on your psu?

Frostmind 02-09-06 06:49 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
Jepp, its pluged in. My psu gott 300w and that should be sufficent acording to nvidia..

I've also tried unplugging everything but the video card and the main harddrive.. but the problem still remains... it didn'n make any difference

OldOfEvil 02-09-06 08:54 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
How is the heat? I noticed my buddies 6600 ( PCIe ) tends to get pretty hot, mostly because the little doodads that keep the heatsink down are somewhat weak so it doesn't sit as firmly as it should.

My only other guess would be drivers, or perhaps just a bad card. Also help if you give us more stats on what your currently running in your rig. :)

Frostmind 02-09-06 10:52 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
The temperatures: Gpu 41C (105F), RAM 50C (122F)

A7V classic
Athlon C 1300
768 Mb ram
Asus N6600
Audigy 2 zs

Tell me if you want any more info

sharangad 02-09-06 02:02 PM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(

Originally Posted by Frostmind
The temperatures: Gpu 41C (105F), RAM 50C (122F)
A7V classic
Athlon C 1300

That's a Via motherboard if I'm not mistaken. I think it would be a good idea to upgrade to the latest VIA Hyperion/4-in-1 drivers and go to the latest Forceware version. There was a known issue with SiS chipsets with triangles appearing, but this was fixed waay back in Forceware 67.03.

arunabh 02-09-06 02:56 PM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
which drivers have you tried ?
i had problems with ForceWare 81.98[whql]
but FW 81.95[whql] is working fine for me....
i have an asus 6600GT [agp]

Frostmind 02-09-06 03:21 PM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
Thanks for the answers

sharangad: I've tried the newest via. That didn't help me

arunabh: I've tried 81.98 and 71.89 and the one that came withe the card (71.24).. and one more.. dont remember. I will try the one you sudgested.

Frostmind 02-09-06 05:15 PM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
Those driver didn't solve my problem... :(

I'm beginning to think that either the card is broken or that my computer is to old for that videocard. This is not fun at all :(

Redeemed 02-09-06 05:28 PM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
Well, if it isn't the drivers, and you are certain that it isn't the psu- I can think of one thing.

I am not at all familiar with the board you are running. It is evidently socket A. But what I'm wondering is, does it support AGP4 or 8x? Though I think if you're running a 1300 it should be atleast 4x, if it doesn't support either AGP4x or 8x, then that COULD be the problem. I don't think anything newer than the GF4s can run fine on AGP 2x without some sort of problems.

Kind of a far fetched answer, I know, but it is better than nothing. So, do you know if your mobo supports atleast AGP4x?

Frostmind 02-10-06 03:33 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
I've got AGP4x.
I don't know if I can say the I'm totalty sure that the PSU aint guilty... but it did'nt make any differance when i unplugged 3 harddrives and 2 dvd players.. shouldnt that have made a difference if the problem was power related?

Frostmind 02-10-06 08:29 AM

Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(
I've now tried with an 500w psu in my computer... but the problem still remains.

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