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Masq 02-09-06 03:26 PM

RF Online
If anyone is a fan of Lineage 2 I think you will thoroughly enjoy this game. Yes this is a Korean MMO, yes there is a harder grind then WoW. But the PVP battles are insane. lvl 30 accretian War on the spirit server, name same as my name here. Hit me up! (If you like questing constantly for your exp, don't try it :D )

BTW the beta from codemasters is going on right now, you can get in if you pre-order the game from eb(you can just cancel it and be out $5 bucks) or you if you are a member of fileplanet, thank you!

Aphot 02-09-06 09:09 PM

Re: RF Online
Im buying it, I tried my friends account and I love it. :)

Mr. Hunt 02-09-06 09:15 PM

Re: RF Online
Yeah... I am playing the beta right now and I enjoy it some, but I hate how long it takes to level even at the low levels, I just got a level 8 (almost 9, but it takes an eternity) specialist of some sort (no idea on the races/allegiances/whatever it is called). It is fun, but I don't think I would end up buying it.

Masq 02-09-06 10:36 PM

Re: RF Online
I understand you completely, just remember spam potions and if you get a group of 4-8 people you can just run around and own everything, the exp flooooows. Keep an eye on your PT though! And i love afk mining! But no matter what, enjoy the beta.

Mr. Hunt 02-09-06 11:47 PM

Re: RF Online
Well my problem might be the fact that I don't even know how to do a lot of things... I don't know how to get into groups or any of that lol. I have just been killing stuff and selling the junk to upgrade armor/weapons sometimes... am I supposed to do anything like spend points into certain attributes/skills or anything? I am so lost lol :\.

glObalist 02-10-06 03:19 AM

Re: RF Online
Screenshots please!

As in, I couldn't find any of the actual gameplay :D

glObalist 02-10-06 04:33 AM

Re: RF Online

Originally Posted by slaWter
There are some Trailers...

The release in europe is very close, perhaps I'll join it together with some friends. But I'm not really a RPG gamer^^

Those trailers are all cool in themselves, but why can't they put a measly couple of in-game screenshots on their site is beyond me...

|MaguS| 02-10-06 04:41 AM

Re: RF Online

Originally Posted by glObalist
Those trailers are all cool in themselves, but why can't they put a measly couple of in-game screenshots on their site is beyond me...

Um, I clicked screenshots and well everyone of them listed on the first page was ingame.

glObalist 02-10-06 05:10 AM

Re: RF Online
Ah ok, now I see the light :D

|MaguS| 02-10-06 05:14 AM

Re: RF Online
BTW, The creator of this game should be sued by NCSoft, If it was fantasy based insted it would be a carbon copy of Lineage 2. Seriously models even sit, run and walk like they do in Lineage 2.

I got to give them props though, even with only 256MB of Ram the game ran pretty smooth most of the time, though I was on pretty low graphics settings.

This game is going to fail worse then Lineage 2 in america... glad I preordered DDO till Vangaurds releases.

Masq 02-12-06 12:50 PM

Re: RF Online
At least I don't have to ebay my money to get it like in Lineage 2, hehe!

slick 02-12-06 09:08 PM

Re: RF Online

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