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dazed343 02-12-06 12:41 PM

6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
I exchanged my 6600GT for a 6800GS AGP today. I thought I would try riva tuner and unlock the other 4 pipes and 1 vertex thing. Well it seems to be working, fear works fine but is there a sure way I can test the card to make sure there are no problems?

shabby 02-12-06 03:28 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
Post a pic of rivatuner saying your gs has 16/6 pipes/vertex, i dont believe you can do this with the gs.
As for testing, benchmark it with the pipes enabled and disabled and see if your score increases.

k083 02-12-06 03:53 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
The AGP 6800GS is an NV40... a native 16 pipe core.

Roadhog 02-12-06 03:54 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
my 6800gs unlocked to 16/6 perfectly.

Lfctony 02-12-06 04:06 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
Most AGP 6800GSs unlock perfectly, good deal if you ask me.

lightman 02-12-06 04:16 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
Hmm. I guess I'll give it a try as soon as my new xfx 6800gs arrives ;)

j0j081 02-12-06 06:24 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
does unlocking make the gs faster than the gt? i thought the gs was meant to perform close to the gt to begin with due to higher clocks.

akakig 02-18-06 11:16 AM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
hi all ,
stupid question : what do i need to chack performance boost ?
its funny but i'm playing Quake 4 om max exept best quality couse my ram is 512 and it takes too much time to load that way NFS most wanted also on max both on 1200x1024 and how can i chak if it will boost my video ?

bkswaney 02-18-06 02:00 PM

Re: 6800gs unlocked to 6800gt
Yep... the GS AGP is a NV40 core.
So most should unlock. :)
U have a 6800u with higher memory clock.
Good bang for the buck unless u can find a good used 6800u for a killer price.
I just found a nice 6800U with 425 stock core and Zalman plus a killer price.
My ultra does 450 core 1200 memory no sweat so my performance should be close to a unlocked GS. :D

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