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jcniest5 02-13-06 12:02 AM

FX-5500 vs. 6200
Hey all, I'm buying a video card for my boy, just wondering what kind of card is best for his normal gaming PC. He isn't playing anything like FEAR, Doom, or intense video graphic power, but just stuffs like Diablo, Warcraft, Ages of Empire, etc...

Particularly the ones I'm battling over are the one on the thread title. What do you think? I'm trying to keep the cost below $100 if possible. Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

seeker 02-13-06 12:08 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
I have both th FX5500 and GeForce 6200 and for the most part, I can't tell much difference in them on games that are similar to the ones that you listed, except that I have seen a slight improvement in some effects, particularly water and reflection. If you can buy the 6200 at or below $100, then I would do so.

jcniest5 02-13-06 12:14 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
I'm looking at these two: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130233 and: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130197

einstein_314 02-13-06 12:41 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
I would definately go for the 6200. The FX series is getting old (lol, it's been out for what...3 years?) My room mate has a 6200 AGP and it runs everything fine. Not at highest setting mind you but it can play it. And his actually is passively cooled (no fan, just a heatsink); makes it nice and quite.

seeker 02-13-06 01:59 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200

Originally Posted by jcniest5

Actually, both of those cards are probably better than mine. I have no idea about what difference there may be in the brands, but both of mine are only 128MB.

jAkUp 02-13-06 02:06 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
The 6200 is better in the shader department, however, you can snag 6600's for under $100 so that might be the better option :) 6600GT you can find for a little over $100.

Joe Public 02-13-06 04:58 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
If he only plays old games, either card will be fine. But if he should ever decide to play some more recent games you should go with the 6200. I tried running HL2 on a 6200, and it looks very good, runs in 1024x768 with medium details and all reflections on.

Edge 02-13-06 05:09 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
The 6200 is substantially better than the FX 5500. For one, it actually playable in a game that uses DX9 effects, and secondly, it's a good amount faster in general. There really isn't a reason to get any of the FX cards anymore when you can get a 6200 or 6600 for cheap, except maybe the FX5900 if you can get it for under $80 or so.

jcniest5 02-13-06 06:22 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
Thanks for all the inputs or suggestions. I really appreciate you all. If I may bother you with a few more questions. Having decided that the 6200 is a better choice, I want to know how big jump is the 6600GT from the 6200? If the jump is big, I might get it instead of the 6200. Or what about the 6200TC vs. 6200 (for cost effectivewise)? Thanks again.

Joe Public 02-13-06 07:03 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
If his computer is AGP based, he can't use the 6200TC, since that is for PCI-Express only. That being said, the 6200TC is somewhat slower than the 6200, since it uses mainly system memory for storing graphics data.

The jump from a 6200 to a 6600GT is very notable, maybe 3x the performance in most cases.

Magic-Michael 02-13-06 10:23 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
Have a look at this:
It's an older comparison with older cards, maybe it's interesting for you, although these are PCIe-charts.

jcniest5 02-14-06 01:44 AM

Re: FX-5500 vs. 6200
Just finished ordering the 6200 from Newegg's. Decided against the 6600GT as it's out of my reach at the moment. I think a 6200 will be good enough for him for the time being. Thanks again for all the inputs. Chill!

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