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mila61 02-13-06 02:48 AM

[newbie] underclock 6800gs

my 6800gs runs default at 1002.375 mhz (memory clock) and 351 mhz (gpu clock) and i want to underclock it (to save power and reduce the noise of the fan).
as newbie i wonder ...

... how low i can set the memory and gpu clock
... if i should retain the proportion of the memory clock versus gpu clock (1002.375 : 351 = 2.855)
... how hot is a 6800gs chip allowed to get


NrG 02-13-06 04:49 AM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
Well, underclocking your gpu won't necessarily reduce power consumption at idle. Only at full load. And you wont be worried about temp if you underclock.

maxima420 02-13-06 05:01 PM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
if the fan is to loud turn it down.
underclocking is stupid.
i'll trade you my Diamond Stealth 3d card for yours if your interested in a quieter card!

agentkay 02-13-06 05:17 PM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
Download Rivatuner and then use it lower the fanŽs rpm and addionally you can try to enable deactivated pipelines (if you have the AGP version) for extra hidden performance. Since its an NV40 core, IŽd say 75C on load are acceptable temperatures. I know it can go easielly past 100C, but it can start to throttle much earlier than that. It all depends on what clocks your GPU is running at.

maxima420 02-13-06 06:35 PM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
if you trying to save energy, underclocking a video card will do squat.

mila61 02-15-06 02:40 AM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
if underclocking will do squat on power consumption, then noice reduction remains. the 6800gs is installed here in an shuttle st20g5 barebone with runs both under linux and windows. my intension is to let the card run at full speed under windows (for gaming) while getting a silent system under linux (not much graphic power needed here).
i already know about the linux software nvclock which is no option for me.

NrG 02-15-06 04:24 AM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
Gte liquid or dual heatpipe cooling. Very silent...

mila61 02-16-06 10:35 AM

Re: [newbie] underclock 6800gs
with dual heatpipe cooling i fear that the bb might get too hot - and there is no extra space for case fans. this space is also missing for liquid cooling.

an option i am investigating right now is the exchange of the gigabyte's fan/heatpipe with a more silent one. problem here: the bb gives me space for fans/heatpipes with about 2,5 cm in height. so something like a zalman vf-700cu won't work (approx. 3,0 cm) *sigh*.

that's why i guess reducing the speed of the fan under linux might be the best option to get a silent (or "less noicy") system there.

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