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Son Goku 02-13-06 03:19 PM

DNS prob perhaps?
When I try to access NVN from my own ISP, I get "The servers have been taken offline" error messages, and a front page to the site that was updated on Friday to announce the servers would be migrated...

When I accessed it from school, or at home using a proxy service, no such prob? Anyone else noticing this? And if this is the case, how long does it usually take for these DNS services to update their own IP address cache, typically?

MikeC 02-13-06 04:41 PM

Re: DNS prob perhaps?
It's probably related to a DNS server. In the meantime, add the following entry to the hosts file on your PC and you will get to the new server: www.nvnews.net

Son Goku 02-13-06 04:55 PM

Re: DNS prob perhaps?
OK, thx Adding...

BTW, I might open a trouble ticket with my ISP, and give them the correct DNS info. Not sure what will come of it though.

Edit: an nslookup gives


D:\Documents and Settings\goku.PEGASUS>nslookup www.nvnews.net
Server: dns.dfw1.speakeasy.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: www.nvnews.net

D:\Documents and Settings\goku.PEGASUS>
which matches. I wonder if the url for the forum is somehow going to the old address, not the top level... I'm sending something off to their support dept on this. Tis weird, especially, when using the same PC I can get to the new forum server using a proxy... If it was software related on my end, I wouldn't be able to do that, and yet if it was the site, no one would. Definitely the ISP here...

rewt 02-13-06 09:33 PM

Re: DNS prob perhaps?
If your ISP won't help, look into Treewalk DNS. It is a freeware prog for Windows that can help solve your DNS issues.


You need TreeWalk DNS if:

1. Your ISP's DNS servers are slow or offline
2. Accurately resolving web sites is a problem
3. You wish to capture or debug DNS routing data
4. You want to custom configure DNS settings and servers
5. You'd simply like faster repeat visits to sites via cached lookups
6. You have poor DNS with your wireless or satellite Internet connection
7. You use Internet Connection Sharing and want to improve surfing speeds

Son Goku 02-14-06 12:19 AM

Re: DNS prob perhaps?
Thx, the ISP checked it on another connection and nothing. Figured, OK, it might be fixed now, but same thing...

So, I tried disabling and re-enabling the network connection, and nothing. Logged out (albeit did not reboot winXP), and also power cycled the switch, now it connects... Go figure... Only thing I can guess, is that the old IP address was being cached somewhere for the forums, but not the main page. Bleh... I really was left with the impression the forums were still down all weekend, and something happened till I logged in at school...

Ironic however, if it was something being cached locally, that it didn't crop up when going through JAP, (Java Anonymous Proxy). Oh well, it's back now...

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