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SeventhOmen 02-14-06 10:08 AM

Advice on DFP selection
Greetings all.

Im new here and I have searched through the forums looking for information. There is quite a bit of knowledge around here and thats great! I need to call upon the Linux users to help me.
I am looking to upgrade to an LCD monitor. I use this machine for the following:

General internet/email
Movies - HD and widescreen
Light, very light game playing (ie. TORCS)
Moderate graphics work
Music - which doesnt apply here

I use the folowing video card:
Albatron 6600LEQ PCI-E 256Mb Passive cooling

I have not been able to find adequate specs on this card relative to pixel clock and DVI max resolution.
So, for starters, what are the capabilities of the video card ?
Then, what are some recommendations for a Wide Screen DFP?

I hope I posted this in the right area. If not, would a mod please move it to the correct forum.

Thank you in advance to all that can help me out.


darkrider01 02-14-06 10:42 AM

Re: Advice on DFP selection
While I am not a linux user, I will give you my first hand experience with my Gateway FPD2185W 21" Widescreen LCD. It has DVI, D-Sub, Component, Composite, and S-Video inputs. It also has a USB 2.0 hub built in. I use the screen for AutoCAD and gaming. It works fantastic for both. When shopping for the screen, the Gateway really stood out to me for it's brilliant color. It really made all the other screens in BestBuy look bad. What made the other screen look even worse was that the Gateway only cost $600. I love my screen.

I will also say that the Dell 2005FPW is a good screen, but I have heard of problems with ghosting. It is great for CAD though. I have not noticed any ghosting on my Gateway, but I know that it is probably there. I have a 17" Samsung LCD (12ms) that I use as a secondary monitor and I noticed ghosting in BF1942 on it, but not on my Gateway yet. The Dell 2001FP (non-widescreen) is a also a decent screen, but has a bit of uneven backlighting.

Hope I helped......Good luck!

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