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xorbe 02-14-06 04:31 PM

overlay jitter on 6600GT
We have 2 different 6600GT cards here (both apg) that display
"jitter" for just the overlay area, even when playback is paused.
Disabling the overlay makes the problem go away.

Does not happen with the 6800GT.

Is there a way to have a properly working overlay on the 6600GT? (WinXP SP2)

sharangad 02-15-06 06:31 AM

Re: overlay jitter on 6600GT
Is this on a TV out?

Does it do this with just one media player app or does it happen on them all?

ynnek 02-15-06 11:32 AM

Re: overlay jitter on 6600GT
does it happen on all media files?

If its recorded from a interlaced vid source(like normal TV), then you need to enable the interlace filter (forgot what its called) on your codec to filter it out.. some still creeps through though.

xorbe 02-15-06 03:58 PM

Re: overlay jitter on 6600GT
This is on either DVI output (all 3 cards are dual-DVI), in the overlay area. That means WMP, WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc all show this same problem using overlays.

I upgraded my machine to the 81.98 driver, and the problem is 99.99% gone -- I can still catch a single-pixel jitter on a single line every few seconds, but it is almost impossible to notice. I am running 1600x1200. It is entirely gone when media is paused (overlay not being redraw).

But for my friend unfortunately, 81.98 didn't do anything to help his dual-DVI 6600GT overlay jitter problem. He is running 1920x1200. Jitter present when overlay is inactive.

The jitter is nasty. Each horizontal scanline in the overlay is continuously moving left and right independently by 1-2 pixels.

My brother's machine using 6600GT + DVI and 1280x1024 never seemed to have the problem either.

Yes, we have a lot of 6600GT cards...

*Curiously* the overlays in Linux/FreeBSD do not show the problem on the same machines! Windows driver problem?

[edit: Why does my post have an advertising hyper-link?]

xorbe 02-17-06 12:39 AM

Re: overlay jitter on 6600GT
As another data point, my friend tried 1600x1200, and the overlay jitter disappeared! But at the native 1900x1200, it goes crazy. In Windows, that is...

xorbe 02-21-06 07:16 PM

Re: overlay jitter on 6600GT
Whoa. Turns out Linux/FreeBSD nVidia drivers don't use overlay hardware! That explains why it only happens in Windows. And the new VRM9 (?) doesn't use overlays either -- it uses DirectX or something.

What a mess.

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