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Juntao 01-20-03 06:57 PM


I would have liked to know what was the difference between the different linux platforms :

Linux IA32
Linux IA64
Linux AMD64

How must i do to choose the right one ??

I would have liked to know too what was the difference between a Mandrake 9.0 UP i586 Architecture and Mandrake 9.0 Enterprise i586 Architecture ??

Hoping somebody will be able to help me


bwkaz 01-20-03 07:09 PM

IA32 is what 99% of all Intel-compatible PCs are. Every processor since the 386 (386, 486, Pentium, Pentium MMX, PPro, P2, P3, P4, K5, Cyrix, K6, K7/Athlon, Duron, Athlon XP/MP, etc., etc.) has been an IA32.

IA64 is Intel's 64-bit chips, what they call the Itanium. It's completely incompatible with current 32-bit machine code.

The AMD64 is AMD's 64-bit chips, the Sledgehammer and Clawhammer. They haven't been released yet (AFAIK), but they're in the works. AMD calls that architecture x86-64, and it can be backwards compatible to current 32-bit machine code (I think it just has two modes, but I could be wrong).

You want IA32.

The difference between Mandrake UP and enterprise is just the kernel configuration. One difference is that the enterprise kernel has highmem support, but that's not the only one. AFAIK, if you didn't specifically select a different kernel, you're using the UP one (UP is uniprocessor, too, so as long as you only have 1 CPU, that's right -- if you have 2, then you probably need the SMP one). In any case, NVchooser should tell you which file to download.

Juntao 01-21-03 05:28 AM


According to what you said, if I choose an AMD64 driver, normally it sould work ??
Highmem support optimizes the performance of the card and the quality of the graphics ??
Will it work properly, if I use the entreprise driver even if I haven't my kernel recompiled ??


bwkaz 01-21-03 07:47 AM

No, the AMD64 driver won't work with any IA32 processor. x86-64 processors can run IA32 programs, but IA32 processors cannot run x86-64 programs. You have an IA32 processor.

Highmem support just puts your processor into 36-bit-address mode, so it can address 64GB of memory (4GB at a time) instead of 4GB total. It's really not performance-related or anything, but if you have more than 1GB of physical memory, turning on highmem support is recommended.


Will it work properly, if I use the entreprise driver even if I haven't my kernel recompiled ??
What does NVchooser tell you to use? Use that.

If NVchooser doesn't say to use the enterprise driver, it won't work.

Juntao 01-21-03 07:57 AM

Thx a lot for all these answers

C ya

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