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rupertshocking 08-12-02 08:58 AM

MSI K7N420Pro embedded ethernet not responding to pings
Hi Yall,

I have a MSI K7N420 Pro MB with a Athlon 1.3GHz and 768DDR Ram which has the nforce chip set for sound graphics and net.

My problem is when booted into RH7.3 the embedded card seems to go to sleep and I can't ping it or access anyother protocol from other hosts. As soon as I ping a host from my RH7.3 box I can then access the network services on it from any box on the network.

The Redhat Install is a clean install because I had the same problem with my RH7.2 box...

Has anyone had this problem.?
Does anyone know a maybe why?

Thanks in Advance

bernz 08-12-02 05:13 PM

here is a response i got from nvidia

This is a known bug in the driver. We are working on getting a new version out right now.

-Tom (from nvidia)

rupertshocking 08-14-02 07:22 PM

Thanks Bernz,

I wonder how soon they will release the bugfix drivers?

tandlj 08-15-02 01:21 AM

Hi rupertshocking,

Did you have any trouble configuring X-windows?

I have the same mobo and can't get the 7.3 install past 'xstart' crashing, even after all sorts of driver downloads and installs...

bernz 08-15-02 07:07 AM

Bug fix drivers : ETA?
That's a good question. I have no idea when. The best I got was that message that I posted. They are "working on them." Whatever that means. Hell, I'd take a look at it myself, but I don't know if I can legally distribute my fixes afterward (I'm pretty sure no).

Nvidia guys out there: Can I do this legally? If not, what's the ETA on the network driver?


r2d2d3d4d5 08-15-02 10:17 AM

Have you guys spotted the latest drivers?:dated 13/8/02
They specifically mention rh7.3.

rupertshocking 08-15-02 04:50 PM


I just spotted your post but it's 8am in the morning and I won't be back on my redhat box until tonight I will try and put a step by step together for you... and post it. I do remember I down loaded the src.rpm because if you have recompiled your kernel you have to rebuild from source because it installs the driver in the wrong "/lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/video" location.


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