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lmetza 01-21-03 01:32 AM

WineX + Warcraft 3 - Res/bit depth prob
I finally managed to get my hands on a wineX rpm (just did a search on google), well i like it so far, just 1 small problem now, when i go to play warcraft 3 it runs it in a windows and only allows me to choose 640x480-16 , 800x600-16, 1024x768-16, 1152x768-16.
When i compiled my wineX from CVS (earlyer) and installed warcraft 3 i had -32 options and higher res selection. Could someone tell me please what is going on here and how i would be able to fix it (it should be able to be fixed).
i would like to run warcraft 3 in 1152x864-32 fullscreened.
Any help would be appriciated.


The Analog Kid 01-21-03 06:17 AM

I can play Elite Force full screen, the only problem is that I have the stupid window decoration up top.

lmetza 01-21-03 09:02 AM

the main thing i want back is 32-bit colour mode in warcraft 3, like i was able to get it with the CVS, its still wineX just a build should still have same options. it dont matter if i have 32-bit in windowed or fullscreen. as long ad its 32-bit. cuz wc3 looks not as good in 16bit.

tuxfriend 01-23-03 03:47 PM

sorry dude,but no success now.I played around a little with my
XF86Config-4 (set it to 24 ) an with winex config to.I was in 32-bit
and Homeworld did it fine,Warcraft III not at all.I know there is an issue
with WineX and 32-bit and transgaming adwises you to use 16-bit.
As an subscriber at transgaming I try to get a comment from the support,
so stay tuned.

By the way,for me 16-bit is not so ugly at all ;-).


lmetza 01-23-03 07:00 PM

16 isnt that bad, sometime warcraft 3 will start and i will have 32-bit selection, soemtimes i wont, sorta funny.

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