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Camay 01-21-03 08:23 AM

Again... unable to startx with "nvidia" drivers
Hi !

I'm on redhat8 default kernel (2.4.18-14).

My config is MSI-NV7-133R (nforce415)
MSI Geforce4 Ti4200
NForce Audio
512M DDR266 Samsung

I've tried to install drivers 4191 since 4 days without success.
I've read all topic in this forum (up to page 10), read all tuts, all docs from nvidia but still can't install the drivers.
I've tried rpm, source rpm and tar, tried re-install to ensure that no crap is on the system. So, I have to say: HELP ME !!!!

Here the problem:

When I startx I get a black screen (It remained black a whole night)and dont see any nvidia logo, my monitor turn into suspend mode. glxinfo say that I have no display "null" . The only way to get into X is to change drivers "nvidia" to "vesa".

I set # for "dri" but I think that I dont have the GLcore in the config file (I'm currently under winXP).

I've insmod nvidia and it load with warning mesg.

I've used src.rpm from a fresh install and still doesn't work.

Any idea ???

azerty 01-21-03 09:26 AM

did u try to disable AGP?

Camay 01-21-03 10:38 AM

Thanks azerty ! but...

I've finally solve to problem... the display was on my second monitor and this monitor was off... a little frustrating that the drivers can't see that its MY SECONDary monitor not the primary.

My geforce have tow output:

1- a standard "DB-SUB" output
2- a DVI output with converter "DVI to DB-SUB"

So my primary monitor (connected to the standard D-SUB connector) is a LG 995FT and my second monitor is a Viewsonic PT795 (connected to DVI to D-SUB converter)

I've played with TwinView, tryed multiple option, but it seem that no option exist for reordering the primary monitor ....

I've tryed both TwinView and Section "R" in the readme...

Anyone know an issu ????


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