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DiscipleDOC 01-21-03 09:50 AM

What am I missing?
Here's the deal:
I installed Mandrake 9.0 last night. I recompiled the kernel and chose the Athlon Processor as the CPU of choice. I went through:
[list=1][*]make dep[*]make clean[*]make bzImage[*]make install[*]make modules[*]make modules_install[/list=1]

It took about 30 minutes to compile and then I changed lilo and everything went without a hitch.

Here's the question:
I want to be able to use optimized Athlon rpms. How do I do this? How do I build rpms (from the source package) to utilize the speed of my CPU?

Here's my Specs
My Machine is:
Asus A7V8X
AthlonXP 2600+ (333)
Visiontek Ti4600
Soundblaster Live!
768 MB PC 2700 DDR333
1x80GB and 1x100GB ATA100 Western Digital Hard drives
Mandrake 9.0

jnd3 01-21-03 10:16 AM

If I'm not mistaken, the only CPU-specific optimization is generally done in the kernel. Some of the library packages might also take advantage of CPU-specific optimizations, but for the most part I doubt you'll see any sort of optimizations for, say, Gnome tetris. So it's going to be just a matter of doing rpmbuild --rebuild package.src.rpm.


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