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poursoul 01-21-03 09:57 AM

Networking Forum
I have a bit of experience in networking and would be able to help people with questions they may have. I am sure that there are other people with enough skills in this place.

Kruno 01-21-03 10:30 AM

Can I dial to ET from my cable modem? ;) :p :D

There are very few people who are networking wizards. I myself know a fair bit about networking, as much as there is to know about setting up switches and servers etc... though there are barely any questions (that I can find) that people ask.
Maybe random questions if someone is unsure about something at times, even I ask those types of questions from time to time, problem is that barely anyone knows WTF I am going about. ( Or is it just what I ask being really strange?)

Anyway, what I am trying to say is:
There are barely any questions asked and setting up a completely different forum for it takes time which can be spent better elsewhere.

This is all purely my opinion, I am not bashing your idea as it sounds good, it's just that there are barely that many questions and discussions about networking that warrant a new forum.

poursoul 01-21-03 10:36 AM

if you build it they will come.

StealthHawk 01-21-03 04:25 PM

remember the old Console Forum? that thing died a horrible unused death. i don't think this site nor its members have enough of a sustained interest in networking or networking problems to merit a whole forum.

PsychoSy 01-21-03 05:09 PM

Alas poor Console forum...I knew ye well! :(

Hey, how about a Political forum!!

*assorted rifles rattle threateningly aiming in my direction*

....uh, alright. Never mind. Put those pepperboxes away! :eek:
It was a joke! :p ;)

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